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10 years of durability and protection
Get up to 10 years of protection with the installation of CQuartz Finest Reserve or Gtechniq Crystal Serum.
Straightforward warranty With zero loopholes
CQuartz is the only ceramic car coating in Charlotte NC to provide a warranty that does not require you to spend hundreds of dollars on "mandatory" yearly maintenance/inspections to keep it valid.
A paint with a freshly waxed look all the time
Get ludicrously more gloss than with wax and keep your car looking shiny, clean and brand new for months in between washes.
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We Are Charlotte's Ceramic Coating Experts!

We all want to keep our cars looking and feeling brand new for as long as possible. And its our mission to help you and your car look "brand new" for its entire lifetime with our high-performance CQuartz Finest, Gtechniq or Opti-Coat Pro coatings.

Brand New Look All the Time

Get More Shine with Less Maintenance
Preserve a Higher-Resale Value
Friendly & Knowledgeable Support
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Everything you should know about ceramic coatings before buying one!

CQuartz Ceramic Coatings

You've spent months researching the perfect car and the day to pick it up is finally here or fast approaching. There's nothing like taking possession of our new shiny car and if you're like us, you want to keep it looking and feeling new for years to come.

But we all know that cars can quickly lose their brilliance and gloss within a few years regardless of how many washes and waxes we give them.

Thankfully the aftermarket automotive industry introduced ceramic coatings, a solution to significantly slow down the aging process of your paint while offering great dirt-repellent properties that greatly reduce the amount of care you must provide to your car to keep it looking immaculate all the time.

But it can be hard to know what are the real truth or false claims about ceramic coatings in Charlotte, North Carolina. With the several different opinions circulating both online and among detailers and manufacturers, it is easy to get confused.

On one side, there are manufacturers and detailers talking heavens about their products and their magical ceramic car coatings. But on the other hand, you have some auto care experts delivering strong critiques against 9H ceramic coatings.

This article will clarify things for you. If you have questions buzzing around your head concerning the truth of automotive ceramic car coatings, keep reading, you will be satisfied!

Ceramic coated Range Rover

A Ceramic Coating, What Is It Exactly?

A professional ceramic car coating that you can apply in Charlotte NC (for example CQuartz Finest, Gtechniq, Opti-Coat Pro and Cerami Pro) is a liquid quartz formula that is applied to the external paint of a vehicle. The ceramic paint coating chemically bonds with the exterior factory paint of the car, creating an additional layer of protection.

A 9H ceramic coating is an alternative to wax or paint sealants, however, it cannot substitute paint protection film which provides a better form of protection against rock chips and deep scuffs. A ceramic car coating can create a permanent or semi-permanent bond with the paint of a vehicle. This means that it won't wash away nor break down and it won't require repeated application.

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ceramic car coating packages

CQuartz ceramic Professional
 The “wet” look that lasts for years
 Blocks oxidation and weathering
 Durability measured in years
Wash and multi-step paint decontamination
One step paint correction + spot compounding required
2 layers CQuartz Professional applied to paint, lights, & wheel faces then IR cured
UV protectant applied to tries & wheel wells
After care package & demo included
Interior vacuum
CQuartz fabric & leather coatings
 Durability: 1 to 2 years
 Resists dye transfer
 Stain resistant (even against coffee!)
Steam clean and sanitize surfaces prior to installation
2 coats minimum of CQuartz Leather or CQuartz Fabric applied to interior surfaces
opti-coat pro
  Superior resistance to environmental fallout & chemical resistance
 Blocks oxidation and weathering
 5 year warranty
Wash and multi-step paint decontamination
One step paint correction required
Opti Coat Pro applied to paint, lights, & wheel faces
UV protectant applied to tires & wheel wells
Aftercare package & demo included
5 year warranty on vehicle model 5 years and newer

The Top 6 benefits of ceramic CoatingS

An Investment in Your Car’s Beauty and Value

Ceramic car coatings are super-hydrophobic. What is "hydrophobicity" you may ask? This fancy word is used to describe anything that hates water, in other words, anything that repels water.

It's the hydrophobic nature of coatings that deliver stunning self-cleaning properties that keep your paint cleaner, longer and requires significantly less washes over time.

Corvette after paint protection
Glossy Tesla

Get the Gloss of a Brand New Car for Years

If you wish to have a shiny and glossy paint for your car, a good automotive ceramic coating installation is the best choice you can make. Ceramic coatings enhance the reflective properties of your car's paint and of the clear-coat, which visibly enhances the brilliance and color of the exterior of your vehicle.

So far we mentioned that ceramic coating will contribute to add value to your car. At Carolina's Finest Detailing we are leading experts and installers of Ceramic Coatings in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. In case you're interested, you can request a quote or schedule an appointment by clicking here.

Less Maintenance Than Ever!

Coatings are super-hydrophobic. What is "hydrophobicity" you may ask? This fancy word is used to describe anything that hates water, in other words, anything that repels water.

It's the hydrophobic nature of coatings that deliver stunning self-cleaning properties that keep your paint cleaner, longer and requires significantly less washes over time.

Inside our ceramic coating shop
Cadillac ceramic coated in Charlotte

Solid Protection Against Staining and Etching!

Bird drops, tree sap, acid rain, the list of contaminants that are bombarding your paint seem to never end.

Fortunately, ceramic car coatings are extremely hard and provide stunning protection against chemical and environmental fallouts. Helping your car stay free of stains and etching for years to come!

Even with a coating, it is still important to remove bird drops and other corrosive contaminants as soon as possible. But your coating will allow you drastically more time to remove contaminants before they start staining your clear-coat.

Blocking your Paint from the Damages of UV Rays / Oxidation

The sun in Charlotte can be ruthless and can cause your car's paint to oxidize, which results in faded and dulled paint color. By applying a layer of ceramic paint coating, you will be sure to protect the paint of your vehicle from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the run, reducing the effect and the danger of oxidation.

Tesla ceramic coated
CQuartz Ceramic Professional

Years of Protection, Not Months!

With their strong covalent bonds, coatings can't be removed from your paint unless you were to mechanically wet-sand and polish them.

This incredible bond gives coatings incredible durability which can last anywhere from 2 to 10 years depending on the brand you choose and the level of care you give your coating.

It's interesting to compare coatings' durability with car waxes or sealants which last only 2 - 4 months and 6 - 9 months respectively

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We Offer the largest selection of ceramic coatings in Charlotte nc

Here at Carolina's Finest Detailing, our selection of CQuartz Finest, Opti-Coat Pro Plus and Gtechniq ceramic coatings are developed by three pioneer of auto ceramic coating technology in North America. Although the automotive ceramic coating phenomena in Charlotte is relatively  young, our brands are the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of ceramic car coatings not only in Charlotte but across the United-States. Explore our packages by clicking of the brands below.

CQuartz Finest
I brought my 2017 Corvette over to Jonathan so he could do some paint correction and ceramic coat the car. Jonathan was extremely detailed and very accommodating. He is a very nice guy who knows his cars and has superb customer service. I would recommend anybody looking to get their car ceramic coated to give him a call.
Darren Kozinski
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3 false but popular claims about Ceramic Coatings

BMW protected with professional ceramic coating and paint protection film.

All the benefits and qualities of ceramic coatings have been listed above. Even though a professional installation might bring many benefits, it is important to stay aware of the myths and false claims regarding nano coatings in order to purchase the right product and installation service.

False Claim #1: Protects Against Swirl-Marks, Scratches or Rock Chips

Detailers tend to exaggerate about many qualities of their ceramic coatings. One of the qualities they like to boast about is the scratch-resistance. But let's clarify things here. Automotive Ceramic Coating can repel small scratches, as we said, but it will not make your coated car completely resistant to the risk of rock chips or parking lot scratches. 

Not only that. You might not know about it, but improper car washing techniques or automated touch car washes might create swirl marks on the external surface of your vehicle, even with a ceramic coating.

Be aware that ceramic coating is not a substitute for deep scratches or chips protection (like Paint Protection Film, also known as Clear Bra) and it does not eliminate the need to wash your car appropriately to avoid swirl marks.

False Claim #2: Repels Water-Spots

A normal drop of water in Charlotte contains a certain amount of dirt or minerals in it. When it rains, waterfalls on the paint of your car and with evaporation, some minerals are left behind, creating some visible spots. 

A ceramic coating has hydrophobic properties (meaning that it repels water), making the water slide on the side of your car. However, these properties do not completely remove the risk of water spots since some water droplets might bead and remain on the vehicle. Therefore, it cannot be claimed that the ceramic coating eliminates the risk of water-spotting.

False Claim #3: You Won’t Ever Need to Wash your Paint After a Ceramic Coating

Maintenance to your car is required even with a ceramic coating. The amount of energy and time spent on it might be less than without a ceramic coating, but you will still need to regularly wash your car to maintain your ceramic coating’s performance.

What ceramic coating does for sure is that it facilitates the cleaning process and eliminates the need to wax your car every few months. 

This is why we can say that the level of maintenance to the exterior of your car significantly reduces with a ceramic coating. Remember though that ceramic coating does not make your car maintenance-free, you'll still have to put some work but you will obtain better results with less effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Ceramic Coatings

CQuartz Finest Reserve
CQuartz Finest Reserve

Can I Install a Ceramic Coating Without a Professional?

For coatings to ensure protection for the longest amount of time, the installation should be made by professionals. The coating is a strong chemical that will need wet sanding to be removed in case something goes wrong in the installation process. 

Because the risk and the consequences of making a mistake are high, coating manufacturers distribute their best performing ceramic car coatings exclusive to certified or accredited ceramic coating shops. To become an accredited or certified installer the process is quite long and selective. 

However, to find an accredited detailer will ensure that you can trust the professionals applying the ceramic coating to your car.

It is important to know that most manufacturers have a prosumer version of their flagship coating that is supposed to be "softer" in terms of chemical and that it is offered to DIY detailers. Even though it might seem like a simple process, it is not always a good idea to apply the coating yourself.

The application process is quite tricky and requires a spotless environment and perfect lighting to achieve proper results. Unless you have plenty of experience with paint corrections, we strongly advise you to hire a professional to apply this kind of protection to your car. 

The milder products for prosumers might not need to be wet sanded treated for removal, but high spots will need compounding and polishing to fix them. Remember that watching videos on Youtube might make the whole process a lot simpler than what it is in reality. To avoid risks, let professionals do their job.

Glossy Cadillac equipped with a ceramic coating in Charlotte NC
Glossy Cadillac equipped with a ceramic coating in Charlotte NC

Does a Brand New Car Need Paint Correction Before Installing a Ceramic Coating?

Sadly, many vehicles come from the factory with defects in the paint. Even brand new vehicles might present sanding marks or holograms due to improper buffing at the dealership. Because of the damage during the painting process, repairs are sometimes needed which might cause worse damages to the car. Because car companies do not want to spend time or money repairing vehicles, the fixes are only partial and sometimes they only show up under certain lighting conditions.

Furthermore, when a car sits for a great amount of time on the dealer's lot, it can be possible that it has undergone improper washing processes at the dealership. This results in some cars already presenting swirl marks in the showroom. 

The bad things are that these problems can apply to any car company, from Hyundai to Ferrari. To assess whether your car is ready for a coating, your paint needs to be properly inspected and corrected if necessary, regardless of whether it is a new vehicle or not.

Is a Ceramic Car Coating Good for Your Car?

Depending on your needs and desires, a ceramic coating can be good for your vehicle. Are you looking for a spotless, glossy and protected external paint for your car? Then the ceramic coating is good for you!

Ceramic coating provides better protection and enhances the color of your car's paint while keeping your car clean for longer. 

It does so better than any sealant or wax in the market. Additionally, they can last from 1 to 10 years on average, depending on the type of coating and the aftercare provided to your car. All in all, to apply a coating to your car brings many benefits to the protection of the paint of your car and enhances gloss and longevity.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum is one of the best ceramic coating in Charlotte for your car.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Car Ceramic Coated in Charlotte NC?

As we mentioned earlier, a car ceramic coating should be applied by a trained and certified professional. Only by doing so, you'll be ensured that your nano-coating will provide more durability, protection, and hydrophobicity.

The cost of getting your car coated in Charlotte NC will depend on the brand and type of coating selected as well as on your car's size and its conditions. On average, basic professional installations average around $750 while higher-end and more robust ceramic car coatings might cost more than $1000. Check out our ceramic coating packages here.

Can a Ceramic Coating Damage My Paint?

A ceramic coating is very similar to your clear-coat and like the clear-coat, it cannot damage your paint, but it will protect it instead.

A ceramic paint coating can add several benefits to your paint, but just like the clear-coat, it needs to be installed properly. Otherwise, an improper installation might leave a visible residue that creates mirages, blurriness or orange-peel. Even if the residue doesn't damage the paint, it will affect the appearance of your car's paint.

Get your automotive ceramic coating installed professionally in Charlotte to avoid any possible problems and issues.

Why Choose Carolina's Finest Detailing to Install A Ceramic Coating?

With more experience in ceramic coating technology than any detailer in Charlotte, North Carolina, rest assured that you will enjoy the superior outcome that we provide . Quality over quantity with passion is our main driving force. Only one car is worked on at a time. When your car is in our shop, it is treated as if it were our own. It's why we believe and take pride in offering the Finest detailing services available near you.

We offer the leading nano coatings in Charlotte NC including CQuartz Finest, Opti Coat Pro Plus and Gtechniq. Pro ceramic coatings have been recently introduced to the automotive and have become a staple for Charlotte's resident purchasing a new vehicle.

In addition to serving the Charlotte Metropolitan Area, we also install paint protection coatings in Monroe, Waxhaw, Indian Trail and Weddington.

Your vehicle is the second largest investment that you make. Protecting it from day one helps to maintain its value. Have you ever stopped to think about how much time we spend driving? Why not spend that time in a vehicle that not only looks good, but is protected. And as a bonus, why not make keeping it clean pain free? Looking to shield your vehicle against stone chips and scuffs? Explore our Xpel Paint Protection Film Services in Charlotte.


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