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Ceramic Coating Monroe, North Caroline

Carolina's Finest Detailing serves the Charlotte Metropolitan area including Monroe, NC. We are Monroe's most 5-star rater ceramic coating shop. You get more value with us with the largest selection of ceramic car coatings in all of Monroe. We install Gtechniq, Opti-Coat, and CQuartz pro grade coatings and install each nano-coating following the industry's most rigorous protocol to ensure you get the ultimate protection and durability your coating can provide. Monroe is a city in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area with a population of over 35,000 habitants. We are proud to be located inside this beautiful community and look forward to helping you keep your car's brand new look for years to come.

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Gtechniq Packages

CQuartz ceramic Professional
 The “wet” look that lasts for years
 Blocks oxidation and weathering
 Durability measured in years
Wash and multi-step paint decontamination
One step paint correction + spot compounding required
2 layers CQuartz Professional applied to paint, lights, & wheel faces then IR cured
UV protectant applied to tries & wheel wells
After care package & demo included
Interior vacuum
CQuartz fabric & leather coatings
 Durability: 1 to 2 years
 Resists dye transfer
 Stain resistant (even against coffee!)
Steam clean and sanitize surfaces prior to installation
2 coats minimum of CQuartz Leather or CQuartz Fabric applied to interior surfaces
opti-coat pro
  Superior resistance to environmental fallout & chemical resistance
 Blocks oxidation and weathering
 5 year warranty
Wash and multi-step paint decontamination
One step paint correction required
Opti Coat Pro applied to paint, lights, & wheel faces
UV protectant applied to tires & wheel wells
Aftercare package & demo included
5 year warranty on vehicle model 5 years and newer


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