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Ceramic Coating Weddington, North Carolina

We're proud to offer our ceramic coating installation service to all of Charlotte Metropolitan area including Weddington, North Carolina. Our 50+ 5-star reviews are a testament to the high quality ceramic car coating services we provide to automobilists of Weddington, NC. With our large selection of ceramic coating brands, we have a solution for every budget and goals. Our installers have been trained and have passed rigorous certification to guarantee you'll receive the highest-quality installation in Weddington, NC. Weddington is a beautiful is a town in Union County, North Carolina with approximately 10,000 inhabitants. Carolina's Finest Detailing is located within a 10 minutes drive from Weddington. Come get a quote or see our team via the C-84 W/Monroe-Weddington Rd/Weddington Rd or via State Rd 1009 or via Beulah Church Rd!

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Gtechniq Packages

CQuartz ceramic Professional
 The “wet” look that lasts for years
 Blocks oxidation and weathering
 Durability measured in years
Wash and multi-step paint decontamination
One step paint correction + spot compounding required
2 layers CQuartz Professional applied to paint, lights, & wheel faces then IR cured
UV protectant applied to tries & wheel wells
After care package & demo included
Interior vacuum
CQuartz fabric & leather coatings
 Durability: 1 to 2 years
 Resists dye transfer
 Stain resistant (even against coffee!)
Steam clean and sanitize surfaces prior to installation
2 coats minimum of CQuartz Leather or CQuartz Fabric applied to interior surfaces
opti-coat pro
  Superior resistance to environmental fallout & chemical resistance
 Blocks oxidation and weathering
 5 year warranty
Wash and multi-step paint decontamination
One step paint correction required
Opti Coat Pro applied to paint, lights, & wheel faces
UV protectant applied to tires & wheel wells
Aftercare package & demo included
5 year warranty on vehicle model 5 years and newer


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